Learning How to Use Larryslist Theme for WordPress

Larryslist Theme - A Directory and Listing Script

If the instructions do not make a lot of since then this just means that you are not very familiar with WP Options and we will try to help you get a better picture of what you need to do to build a View Listings page.

Your first goal is to create a "Listings" page. This will be the page that shows your Custom Posts/Custom Listings (WP uses "standard" posts and Larryslist uses a similar type of post but we separate our post type from WP's post type, so that they do not get mixed up and your Larryslist Posts will only show on a View Listings page - and WP Posts will only show up on the Blog page.

So let's move on to how to make a page that will display any Listing (or all Listings).

OK, got it show me the next frame



The Layout and getting into Admin Panel


Making and Saving Pages


Changing the Menu and Other Widgets

More Advanced Stuff

Advanced Usage for the Bold at Heart