Tradesouthwest Dev Area. Shipping Advizer Help Page

Step 1: Deactivate Plugin!
Step 2: Select plugin from dropdown list.
Step 3: Open "views/advizer-woo-public-notices.php"
Step 4: All shipping methods are "commented*"

*comments, in PHP programming language are a way of putting notes in the page without the notes being executed by the code interpreter. Most PHP comments are preceeded by two forward slashes ( // Notation here ) or by forward slash and an asterics ( /* note here */ ).

Step 5: Go down the page to the appropriate method's section (also commented)
Step 6: before and after cutoff time are within the "if/else" part of each method.

86400 is the number of seconds in a day. So 2 times 86400 is two days. PHP uses seconds to calculate math with dates.

Do not forget to Activate the plugin.